International maritime law allows ships owners to fly any flags they choose for their ships if that flag accepts their ships. Flags administrations which accepts foreign ships owners to register their ships with them are called Open flags or convenience flags. Some of these flags are having higher standard than many of the closed flags, so the name convenience flag is almost called to these lower standards open flags. In all cases, open flags give ships owners many benefits such as: taxes free, less limitations on crew nationality, Size and age of the ship. Open flags usually offer more flexibility in ships registration and provide recognition for more class societies to certify ships flying their flags. Open flags in most cases provide offshore companies registration where these companies can act as registered owner of the ships which provide protection to ships owners properties as the low in these countries provide legal basis to hide the identity of the actual beneficial of these companies. Nowadays, the majority of world fleets are flying open flags

In Royal Bureau of Shipping we work closely with our customers to provide advise in choosing suitable flag to their ships taking in consideration area of navigation, type, age and size of the ship and economical condition and budget of the ship owner. We provide easy payment terms in ships registration with the vision of maintaining partnership with our customers